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advanced consulting and implementation of renewable Energy

Business sector

Investment in renewable energy sources allows any type of business to gain energy independence. The use of photovoltaics in the business sector will reduce electricity costs, increase business profitability and have a positive impact on the company’s image.

Apartment buildings

The space on the roofs of multifamily buildings has great potential. The electricity produced from photovoltaic installations can be used to power the common parts of the building. The benefits of such an investment will be felt by all residents in the form of lower rent.


Photovoltaics on the house can significantly reduce electricity bills. We provide professional customer service by carrying out a customized project and calculating the energy requirements for the household. This will be an investment in the future, which will allow you to become independent from electricity increases while caring for the environment.



Every farm consumes a large amount of electricity for its operations. Photovoltaics for farmers will be a solution to ensure that the growing demand for electricity is constantly met. It will increase revenue and save money through energy independence.

How do we operate?


Free consultation, at which we match the power and type of installation to the customer’s expectations.


Based on the audit, we prepare a project including visualization of the installation and evaluation of energy production.


After signing the contract for the installation, we help to obtain favorable financing at the customer’s request.

of equipment

We deliver complete equipment to the investment site.


Qualified and experienced team performs the installation of the system.

to the grid

We take care of all formalities related to the notification of the installation to the distribution grid, discounts and subsidies.

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